Separating Colors of Patterns

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Separating Colors of Patterns


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Before you start to separate the colors of the printed pattern, you should analyze the pattern. The suggested way of scanning the pattern starts with sticking the pattern onto a cardboard using spray glue. It should be scanned in 508 pixels/inch(200 pixels/cm) resolution at least. Having a higher resolution will help for a clear and clean job. If the design is a picture, finding the highest resolution you can find on the internet will make your color separation easier. Now you are ready, things you should do is listed here;

  • Choosing software (If the pattern is a picture, you should use Photoshop,

  • if the pattern is a text, you should use Corel Draw or Illustrator. Using vector-based software would make your work much easier. If you don’t know, you should learn.)

  • Preparing the resolution and size.

  • Designating the parts to cut out and the masking you need to use.

If you are separating colors in Photoshop, you should use Channels.

Is designing a pattern hard?

The answer to this question is if you are not a Designer it can be hard. But the nice part of designing patterns is you can always start with a simple design. For example, the first pattern taught to draw to children is shapes of their name or a four-leaf clover. By taking classes from the right people regularly and practicing you can start to design simple patterns in 2 months.

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